Welcome to the Disability or Ability Call!

Being labelled OCD, ADHD, Bipolar, Autistic etc. can be scary. A lot of people, even though they haven’t been diagnosed, actually possess these traits.

Science has recently come up with the word Neurodivergent for people whose brains function differently. People with such abilities are essentially in a way a mutated form of our species. They are faster, their brain works differently and going about in the normal world can be a challenge for them since they themselves function completely differently.

This call is an invitation to dive into going beyond labels and into the capacities of these individuals. It is about having pragmatic tools from Access Consciousness™ to help them and their loved ones function in a way that works for them without numbing or diminishing their potential.

This call is loosely based on the book “Would you teach a fish to climb a tree?” There is a short manual that comes with the call for reference and the recordings will also be sent shortly after the call.

This call is for $30. Kindly register to receive the payment details, manual and recordings.